30 December, 2011


     When a year ends, we all tend to evaluate just how good the year we are about to end was. When 2010 was about to end, all I could think about was how 2011 can't be worse. How my life completely changed in 2010, and that 2011 must be better. Little did I know that just two months later a chapter in my life would end and I would feel worse than I ever felt in my entire life.
     But now that I think about it, that might be one of the best things about 2011, because it made me change so much. I lost weight, started loving myself so much more, I started this blog, I started taking salsa lessons, and  I must admit I never felt better ^^
     So, if I forget about the first three months of 2011, the year was a success!!! And that is something that gives me a lot of enthusiasm to make 2012 even better!!! So I will make a list of my 2012 resolutions! I know some of them I will give up after just a few weeks/days, but I will still try to make myself better, and these will help!!!

     Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. I will do some housework everyday!
  2. I will list and review all the books I read here on my blog.
  3. I will list all and review all the movies I watch here on my blog.
  4. I will not plan everything, but I will still be organized!
  5. I will not lose time doing nothing on Facebook!
  6. I will get fit, and stay fit! (continuing salsa, and taking up yoga or pilates)
  7. I will eat healthy 80% of the time!
  8. I will always look good! I will have my hair clean and I will wear nice things! (Most of the times this is the case, but sometimes I am just lazy! I can't let that happen anymore!!!)
  9. I will not be late for work!
  10. I will not spend money on stupid things!
  11. I will do at least 15 things from my list in 2012!
  12. I will post more on my blog!
  13. I will keep myself more informed!
  14. I will spend more time with family!
  15. ... I might add some more...

     Comment and write your resolutions, I would love to read about them! 

29 November, 2011


     In the past few years it has been a regular thing for me to have these situations every once in a while:

Situation 1:

I am at work. A good song starts. 

Me: Oh, I love this song!
Coworker 1: Oh, me too! I used to listen to it when I was in high school. 
Me: Well, I know the song, but I have no idea who is the singer or what is its name. 
Coworker 2: Oh, I know it too. It is a classic. We had great songs when we were younger, right?
Coworker1: Yes, we had some really amazing songs. This one is Cyndy Lauper/Aerosmith/Roxette's.
Me: I will download it! It is great!

*writes down the name of the song on a random paper *

Situation 2:

I am riding a car going somewhere, wherever, and I hear a song. This is my chain of thoughts:

Hm, I think I know this song... la la la la... yeah... it is awesome. They had so good songs back then. Well, we have them now, too. I mean, Adele is great, Beyonce, too. And I really love some pop/rock/alternative artists we have now that aren't that popular. la la la la Yeah, I should burn a CD with these stuff. la la la la Yap, i will, I will download this song when I get home. la la la la la

Guess what, I never did. 

     So, a few months ago, I took a few papers that I keep next to my PC, and when I hear a great song on the radio, either old or new, I use google to find the artist and write down his name and the name of the song. And right now I have 30ish songs on my list. And I will keep adding them. And a nice surprise to me that one of my coworkers added a few songs the other day. And normally i would get pissed for someone putting their nose in my business, but this time I didn't cause the songs are OK, and I will surely need help to make this list. I think 100 songs will do. But not just classics that are 10+ years old, but new things too! 
     That is why I want you all to give me as many songs as you can remember that are classic for you and that you can never get enough of. And I will now give you a few of my own that I ADORE! 

(and if you haven't noticed by now, I kinda love making lists...)

The songs in this list have no particular order. I just randomly added the song I like. There are a lot more on my list, these are just some I really like. So do comment and tell me what else would you add and what you think about these songs :-)

1. Emma Bunton - What took you so long

2. Roxette - For the very first time

3. Belinda Carlisle - Leave a light

4. Crowded House - Weather with you

5. James Blunt - You're beautiful

6. Adele - Set fire to the rain

7. Sir Paul McCartney - Hope of deliverance

8. Marlon Roudette - New age

9. Chris Daughtry - It's not over

10. Celine Dion - That's the way it is

25 November, 2011

Rain, Sun and a Steering Wheel

     This post was supposed to be written more than a month ago. I was inspired, but I couldn't find the time. Then I forgot about it, as I tend to sometimes :-) What is it that makes this post so special? Read on and you will find out.

     I am a girl who generally enjoys life, but most of the times, I find happiness in big things. I need to do big things in order to prove something to myself. It is wrong, but I guess I like to complicate my life like that. I try to change it, and though it is hard, there are moments when I see just how important those beautiful little things are. When the huge ones don't matter that much anymore and when I feel different. Some kind of inexplicable joy in my chest that grows and spreads all over my body. It makes my day and absolutely nothing anyone does or says to me can't get me angry in the next few hours. These things are verrry rare. A great cup of coffee, a beautiful song on the radio, the way my hair shines in the sun. But not every cup of coffee, even though I always drink the same coffee when I go out. And not every song, and even when it is the same song, not always. And not every time my hair shines, but sometimes, when I see it from a different perspective. 

     I know this makes little sense for most of you, because a song is a song. If it makes you happy once, shouldn't it always? And if a coffee is made in the same way, shouldn't it taste the same every time? And yes, the song is the same, and the taste of the coffee is the same. But I don't FEEL it the same way.      Just like I didn't feel the rain falling from the sunny sky in the same way as I did on some other occasion.
     Why is that? What makes me, and I believe some of you, too, feel things differently sometimes?

     I have been thinking about that topic for a while now, and I've grown to believe it is about how we see life itself. What actually happened that day? I wasn't very nervous. I was thinking about this boy who I liked. And about how I don't feel like sitting in class for the next few hours. And how the traffic really makes me wanna send someone to that ... lets call it a dark place... And how life in general is ok, but nothing special. I repeat I was NOT unhappy. I was NOT nervous. I was NOT hopeless. I was just... whatever. The weather was ok. It just started getting cold, and I had to wear long sleeves, but it was still above 15 degrees, so I wasn't cold. And there was some sun. Not much, but enough to make me think it is much warmer than it was. And I was listening to the radio in my car, and a good song was playing. And then it happened. It started raining out of the blue. While there was till sun. I was... amazed. It was beautiful, and it made forget about why was I blah that day. I just stopped feeling anything negative that I had been. I just stopped thinking. I had to get my phone and tape it, because when my brain started working again, I realized just how beautiful life is. Those little things make it beautiful. Not exactly the rain falling from a sunny sky, but the coffee that tastes good and puts a smile on my face. And a song that gives me goosebumps. And the sun in my hair that makes it shiny and makes me remember why I wanted it red in the first place.

     Here you have the video. This might not be anything special to you, and the video is not that good, so you can't really see it well. I would love to read what is special to you. What makes you happy. :-)


15 November, 2011

The Wien experience!

     There I was at the Old Prokop Station waiting for the bus number 3 to show up when I saw there will be 5 buses. 5!!! That is at least 250 people going with us, probably more, because some of them were double-deckers. Anyways, Maja came soon, and Ivana a little bit later and we were on our seats ready for take off! I took some help from Dimigal(anti-vomit pill) and the rest of the trip is a blur. What I do remember is it took forever for us to cross the border, and I can sincerely say I hate customs, border or anything related to it!

    No matter how awful I looked and felt it all went away when we entered Vienna! My first thought was: "I want to live here!". The architecture, the wide streets. It is so much like any other city, but so beautiful. Our first stop was Belvedere which you can see in the picture below. It is actually consisted of two buildings, but we were to lazy to go all the way down to the other building, so we just went around this palace and took a few pictures.

     It is rather fascinating how Vienna has so much nature everywhere you look, though I think it has something to do with its rulers being very involved with Arts and all that jazz. In the picture below you can see small part of the park around Belvedere. I can't put all the pictures, so you will have to go and see just how wonderful it is!!!

A park around Belvedere

     After that, our second stop was in (I think) District 4, where we were taken to see a few buildings of a famous artist whose name I can't remember (of course), but if I ever need it, I will find it in the book about Vienna I bought at one of the shops that sell souvenirs around those buildings.

Masterpiece of Friedensreich Hundertwasser (I googled it)

     Our third stop was the city center where we took a walk down Mariahilferstrasse, where you can find shops, caffes, fast food restaurants, and ... well, that is all you can find there. It wasn't anything too special, but we did see a few brands that we don't have in Serbia. And Starbucks, which is always a joy!

     Our forth stop was the hotel. They gave us the key to our room and we had less than 30 minutes to get ready for our fifth stop. Since there were three girls, there was no way we could all take a shower and get ready in time, so we just freshened up, I got myself to look decent and we were off to Danube Tower, our fifth stop of the day!

    If someone ever told me an elevator can go that fast, I wouldn't have believed them! I mean, come on! More than 200 meters in less than 30 seconds? I just had to look up! I saw all the wires and cables that held the elevator! Sooo cool! Made me a bit... not sick, but something in that domain. Anyways, the view from the tower was AMAZING! You can actually see the whole Vienna! And they say that during daylight, when the weather is good, you can see the suburbs of Bratislava! So, the view you can see in the picture below.

The view from Danube Tower
     Amazing right? And the restaurant is turning while you are sitting and enjoying your drink. It is really beautiful. Of course, we had Sahertorte, because we were in Vienna after all. And we had wine. And boy was it strong! But it added up to the experience which was amazing! You can see just how happy I was to be there in my eyes, can't you?

My smize! (disregard the fact that I look like I slept in the bus for more than 10 hours)

Sachertorte and red wine! Nomnom
     Our sixth stop was the city center again, where we took a walk, and had some traditional street sausages! With one slice of dark bread and ketchup! And thought it might sound like I am making fun of the meal, it was delicious, and I loved it! We also went for what the waiter said was Vienna's coffee, but it was nothing like it! It was just regular cappuccino. So he was a fraud. But they have good Sahertorte which we found out cause Ivana took it, again. And so did all of us, the next day. We went home by the trolley, and it took us 30 minutes. Our hotel was nowhere near the city center!

     The next day was long, and a lot of fun! After breakfast we went to the shopping mall near our hotel. We decided to enter only the shops we don't have in Serbia, and so I spent a lot of money, refreshed my wardrobe, and bought my niece and nephew, my sisters and parents some nice clothes! For me too, ofc! And a lot of sweets! Interspar is part of the Spar chain and they are something like Idea in Serbia. I felt like a kid in a toy store. Mostly because I saw all these sweets I want to try. And buy. I just can't buy the whole store, right?

Yap, just like a kid!
     With our wallets almost empty, we headed to the city center and the Museum of Nature and Science (or whatever it is called)! There are no words to describe it, so I will just post pictures for you to see how amazing it is! Everything from dinosaurous' skeletons, stuffed animal and various minerals and gems!

The rock from the Moon!

This is something that was ejected from a volcano in Brasil and its interior is covered  with Amethyst! AMAZING I SAY!

A stuffed sloth

A stuffed dodo bird
(I never saw one before and I was really excited to see it) 

Me! Just joking.
(I took this for my fb profile picture. It is some kind of ancient bird/dino)

Dinosaurous' skeleton

Me in the museum's lobby! It is beautiful, and huge!
(and I like how I look here, so I had to put it here)

     The evening ended with the reason I went to Vienna in the first place, the classical music concert about which you can read here. But before that, and before our Museum visit, we had some fun with the map and saw a bit of the city. Not much, but enough to notice the architecture is amazing. The whole city has and air and atmosphere about it! Like it is a few decades in the past, but still so modern!

A monument of Mr Schiller

Opera House

What do you see in this picture?
a) an interesting, old-fashioned street light
b) a bad picture of a street in Vienna
c) a McDonalds sign?

     Our third and last day of stay in Vienna was amazing, and made me 100% sure I want to come back, and that is the Schönbrunn Palace. It is huge, so beautiful and has so much history that it left me with so many wonderful impressions. It was built in the 18th century by Maria Teresa (who had 16 children, and had a daughter who had 18 children! o.O) The palace has an amazing garden/park that is enormous and so beautiful that it left me breathless! Enough talk, look at the photos cause they will say more than 1000 words!

The wind in my hair ^^

Only a par pf the castle
(We couldn't catch the whole thing with our cameras)

My favorite photo!

Isn't is just breathtaking?

The Thriumphat gate
(or something like that)

A part of the garden
(this looks wonderful in the spring when it starts blooming)

     After this last stop we went home, happy and excited. It was worth the trip, and it enriched me with so much new knowledge and experience in terms of beauty and culture. Something you must see for yourself to understand! I hope you all go and feel the half of what i feel and it will be worth the trip. I will go again, because 3 days is not enough to see and feel everything, but it is enough to want to come again!

     For those of you who already saw all this things, what are your impressions? Do tell :-) And of course comment as much as you like!

07 November, 2011

Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna - DONE!!!

     Vienna is beautiful, and I will extensively write about how beautiful it is in my next few posts. But the most amazing thing about Vienna is something I will try to explain now. You can never actually explain the feeling, because it is one of those things you have to live (like most of the things from my list), but I believe my writing skills are good enough to serve the feeling justice.
     I will start of by telling you that Vienna has an amazing cultural heritage, and that everything we see as culture has some roots in Vienna. Music, Theatre, Arts, Food... You name it, you will find it there. And you will love it! I was impressed and frankly, a bit ashamed by the fact I didn't know that there is so much to see there. And not just see, but feel and acknowledge. It will all be explained more in my next post, but it is important for me that all of you who read this understand that Vienna has a wealthy heritage in all aspects of culture that is defined by arts. The Habsburg Monarchy and most of it's members were all artist. They sang, played, painted, spoke many languages! They did a lot for the upbringing of culture in Vienna and I am very grateful! Why am I grateful! because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be able to attend a concert were amazing music was performed. 
    Frankly, I know it wasn't a really full experience, because it wasn't as good as it can be, it was just made for tourists to get a part of Vienna's soul for a low price, and I am not sure I will ever be able to afford attending something that has the highest value in terms of quality and experience but this was satisfactory, I enjoyed, had fun, and I can check another thing off my list!
     The concert took place at the Wiener Börsensale, at 8.30PM, Saturday, November 5th. The orchestra wasn't big. I think a flute, 4 violins, a cello, a contrabass and a piano. The solo performers were Rita Scheider, mezzo-soprano, and she was amazing!!! I don't remember the names of others, but there was a baritone and two ballet dancers.  cute tiny blond, and a guy with a pretty nice behind :P (I could see it because I was in the first row ^^)
    I would tell you the names of everything they played and sang, but i don't know the names... I was a slacker at school when we learning those pieces. I do know that they played Mozzart and Strauss. And that out of everything they played, I heard most of them before. In cartoons mostly, but hey, I never said I listen to classics in my free time...
     We had a break for the performers to rest, and we had champagne. It wasn't very good, but it made the experience much better.
     I enjoyed the music, I had a smile on my face all the time and never, for a second I though this was boring, I will fall asleep, I shouldn't have come. I was thinking about how good they sound, and that it is a pity I never played an instrument... And that my kids must play something. maybe the piano, because the sound of piano is the best. Then I thought about how amazing it was that people invented instruments, and that all that amazing sound came from wires and ... stuff. 
     When the ballet dancers came out, my heart was full. They were ok, but the fact that I have evertything at one place was amazing! Rita was sooo good! I was amazed! The voice that woman has! I rememeber that I wanted to sing opera when I was a kid.     
     They didn't let us take photos, but I took a few when I thought no one looked. So they are not very good, but you can see some of the atmosphere ^^ 

This is where the concert took place, I had a seat in the first row, on the right!

 The orchestra

The champagne ^^

My comrad-in-crime  

 Ballet dancers!

 Rita Scheider(in purple)

I also have a few videos, for you to hear the concert. It is a weird angle, and they are all very short, but I think you will like them :-)

5/100 <3 ^^

03 November, 2011

A quick update!

     No one cares. Nope, no one. Deal with it. If you are going somewhere, it doesn't matter for how long, don't expect anyone to care. They will watch a Turkish series on TV rather than talking to you. They just DON'T CARE! The sooner you deal with the fact, less pain you will feel. And every time I think I will get used to it, but I don't think I ever will. On the bright side!


     In just an hour I will be on the bus No3, waiting for it to start the engines and take me and my friends to the city of music, great food and amazing shopping. I am very excited, and since I should really go, like in a few minutes, I just want you all to know I didn't forget about my blog, I am preparing a few very interesting posts and I will write thoroughly about Vienna next week, so get ready for a lot of reading. 

     Have fun while I am in Austria eating Sachertorte ^^

22 October, 2011

Three Musketeers - Orlando Bloom, Evil Duke of Buckinghamm

     I normally don't like antagonists in a movie, but this time I must admit Orlando did a good job, and that evil spark in his beautiful dark eyes suits him. Very much! It is ridiculous that a person can play an elf and an evil mastermind. It only adds up to me loving him more! Even though he married that ultra skinny Miranda... But she is beautiful, too, so I can't really be jealous. After all, he is too short for me...

    So, yes, this blog will be a lot about my infinite love for Orlando Bloom and a little bit about the movie.

    When I first spotted him in LotR, it was love at first sight. I mean, I always had the hots for blonds, so I suppose him looking like an angel and all helped a lot:

     I mean, look at him... I still remember the first scene with him. He was coming off a horse, and looked up. I took a photo of my TV with him there. That much he affected me! I think saying I was 12 or something like that makes everything a bit less pathetic. =)

    So now when he played the bad guy I was still enchanted. In a different way... After I show you the photos I think most of you will understand.

     He looks like a playful, sexy guy. Plus he is a mastermind. So evil and all that jazz. I am very much inspired by how versatile he can be. And he is still so pretty, just like he was 10 years ago. It is funny to say a man is pretty, but he is. Amazingly! Anyways, I should tell you something about his part and my perception of the whole movie, which, by the way, I loved!

     The plot is pretty much basic to every movie of this type: The bad guys want to do bad things. Buckingham wants to build an evil machine and use it to conquer France, and Cardinal Richelieu claims he is France, and wants to declare war against England. So, they want to fight each other, but still they make peace offerings, to keep people form... whatever. And there is the young King Louis XIII and his wife Anne. The story has no connections with the real couple at all, cause they didn't really like each other, and they "consummated" their marriage because they were pressured, not because they wanted to (thanks wikipedia), and the Cardinal wants to separate them and make the King declare a war against England by making up Duke B. and the Queen's affair. Milady helps them. Musketeers stop them. The youngest (the forth) D’Artagnan joins them, and they do that “All for one, one for all“ thing in the end, after they have saved the day. He gets to kiss that pretty blond girl that is the Queen's not maid, but one of those other girls she tags along everywhere. Can't remember how they're called. Mila Jovovich is, of course, beautiful, and she has great legs, and she is a traitor. And that would be it. I really had fun, because they are all hilarious, and the end promised a part II, so I will be expecting it in a few years. 

    Those trailer before the movie made me remember why I love going to the movies, and I can't wait to go again. I will prolly see In Time, with Justin Timberlake. The trailer is promising. But they all are, right?! That is how they make people watch movies.

    What have you seen in the movies lately? Or at home, because it is much cheaper! Do you have any suggestions on what I should see, that I would like? 

21 October, 2011

Thank God It's Friday

     Yap, it is Friday. And I love it. This has been a very hard week, and I have been so busy that I have no idea how I managed to do everything. Last Friday seems so far away, and I honestly can't really remember what is it I did then. I won't be bothered by that, because it doesn't really matter. But what does matter is I will have so much fun this weekend! So, now I will listen to TGIF to inspire me and write about all the great things I have planned for the next few days!

     Here in Serbia, it is very common to go out clubbing. When someone goes out, it is almost obligatory to go to u club, have at least a few drinks, dance all night. Considering Belgrade is at the very top of Best Nightlife in Europe, it is normal we all like going out. But not every night out must include alcohol, loud music and that awful smell in my hair the morning after. So, this weekend I decided I will have lots of fun, and still not have a drop of alcohol. 
     In an hour I will go the movies. We still have not decided what to see, but I am thinking The Three Musketeers because I love Orlando Bloom (I was madly in love with him after he played Legolas), What's Your Number? (because it a romantic comedy, and I need some romance in my life, at least on screen when I can't have it in RL), or One Day (the same reason as the previous movie, but I also love Anne, and it is also a drama). We will decide when we get there. Prolly going to vote and see. Since it is three of us(maybe four, Nina's supposed going to get back to me I hope soon) we could go with first movie. I will write about my impressions soon, so you will find out.

    Tomorrow I work, and in the afternoon I have a salsa class. And after that Maja will come over, and we will have so much fun. I love spending time with her, and we always have plenty to talk about. I mean, I didn't see her in 4 days. That is a long time! :P That just reminded me I need to let her know about Sunday. We are going bowling again! I can't wait!

  But, before we go bowling, I am going to The Book Fair! I already have a mental checklist of books I need to buy:

  • 1. I Heart Hollywood
  • 2. I Heart Paris
  • 3. The newest WoT translated book in Serbian(it just came out, I think today)
  • 4. A book I need for Uni., nothing too fun
  • 5. German dictionary
  • 6. ... I will find a thousand more, but I think my wallet is far too light to afford many...
     I finished I Heart New York today, and I feel in love with the book. I know I might be considered shallow because I read those books, but that is who I am. I am sorry I don't find Freud interesting, or that I enjoy reading about romance in a big city I will prolly never live. But it makes me think it might happen some day. And that there is a happy ending for everyone. 

    So, as you all can see, I will have a lot of fun during this weekend, I will spend quality time with some friends, and in the spare time, i will hang out with Suzana (she came a few days ago, finally) and do some Autumn cleaning. My room desperately needs it!

    There is one more thing I wanted to share with you... I never mentioned much about one part of my life, my love life. I didn't want to talk about it, but maybe I could say something. So tell me if you are interested. I will also put on a poll which you can find on wither left or right sidebar, so please vote. If I get enough votes, I will share a few things with you. :-)

18 October, 2011

Red as Fire

     I know I haven't been very productive with blog posts lately, but life is busy! Classes have started and I took salsa lessons and also started taking German. Plus the time I have to spend working to pay for my trip to Vienna! YES! I am going! In exactly 15 days, and I am soooo excited! Not only one more thing from my list will be checked, because I will go to an orchestral performanse, but I will also have so much fun, see a beautiful city, practise a bit of my German (I know how to say my name, where I am from, how old I am and ... That would be it... For now!) and all in all be enriched with a brand new experience! But all of that will be more important in a few weeks. What is important now is the following:


     Yes, I did it. I couldn't wait any longer because now is the right time. The result is satisfactory, though I must say that I pretty much freaked out when I saw my roots are a very bright shade of red and the rest of my hair not that bright. When I dried it, it looked much better. It is not perfect but I believe that even though my hair has a few shades od red, not divided in a very good way, I still look great. It suits me and I don't regret it! I still can't stop laughing when I look at my roots, and the fact that my scul will be red for at least a week until the colour washes off, and I can use only one towel or my mum will kill me for ruining her others... But it is all funny and I don't care. It is just hair. I will keep this until I get bored with it. But I REALLY like myself in red! I think it faltters my skin colour. Some hair colours can make a person disappear under it, but that is not the case here.

     Yesterday I read that redheads draw a lot of attention and that if you feel uncomfortable by that red is not the colour for you. I am sitting at a restaurant typing this right now, and people aren't staring. I will see what will happen later on these days and I will get back to you on that. Personally I am a tall girl. People see me even if they don't want to. They rarely stare, and I am rarely annoyed by the looks. I guess when you live in a big city it is normal and doesn't bother you after a while. So red should be a good colour for me. I have a black towel, I don't care if people stare and I've wanted it for such a long time that now that it is finally on me... It feels normal. I am genuinely happy and I really think the colour suits me well!

This is me in the sunlight, so it looks much brighter...

What do you guys think?

Anyways, 4/100 WooHoo!!!! 

27 September, 2011

Sushi bar!

Feel the rain on your skin 
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in 
No one else, no one else 
Can speak the words on your lips 
Drench yourself in words unspoken 
Live your life with arms wide open 
Today is where your book begins 
The rest is still unwritten 

     This chorus of an amazing song that is an inspiration for me is one of the things that made me write my list. me wanting to see it all and feel it by myself. And I have started. yesterday I went to Ikki Sushi Bar and I ate sushi! Finally!!! I got the voucher a few days ago, yesterday I made a reservation for 7PM, and there I was! We couldn't choose what to eat, because the voucher said which meal we were having. But we didn't mind, because we had no idea what would we have anyways. So, here are some pictures, of me and Maja, before our plates arrived!

Maja - holding a napkin with chopsticks

    So, we were looking at the Menu, trying to decide what to have for drinking, and to see what else is there, and we were rather surprised to see that many things we actually could dare to try... And that we might come again some day :-) And then our plates arrived, and they looked like this:

     There you have 5 pieces of Nagiri, each with a different kind of fish: salmon, eel, tuna, seebass, and what they said was shrimp. I am not sure there was all of it there, but from what I could recognize there was definitely tuna, salmon, shrimp and seebass. But eel... Not so sure... maybe sole... It also contained Maki crabs with sesame! The green little thing is wasabi, aka Japanese horseradish, and I didn't dare try it. Maja did, and she said it very hot and strong, and she will never have it again!!! The other garnish is ... well kind of a salad I think, it is spicy, hot, sour and I had trouble swallowing it. I tried it then, and never again! Maki with crab and sesame is the best thing on that plate, and I really liked it! The sesame gives it an amazing flavour. To be honest, I wasn't all that overwhelmed with the food. It is nice, healthy, and I might go again if I get the chance, why not. The experience and the fact that I am checking another box on my list is what made it so exciting. And I did have a good time, because I was there with Maja, and she is just amazing!
    Here are some more pictures, so you can see what else we had, and that we did have fun! 

Japanese Jasmin tea - I drank the smell <3 

 Maki crab held by chopsticks!

 The Menu

Me trying to hold Maki crab with chopsticks

     Oh, and the chopsticks! It was so funny how we tried holding them, and things would come to my mouth and fall back in the plate! I suck at it. But by the time we ate everything, we kinda figured it out, so it wasn't that bad. 

Anyways, the conclusion would be: I HAD FUN AND WOOHOO! 2/100 ^^

Correction: 3/100 I used chopsticks! thank you anonymous follower from Formsprings for pointing that out :-)

22 September, 2011

Goodbye Summer!

     The other day I woke up, and I saw...


I had a mix of feelings! Cold is first that pop into my mind. The second thing was my cute black sweater. I  could wear it!!! Oh the joy I felt. I love my autumn/winter clothes! All the skirts, sweaters, tights, shoes!!! I am so well dressed at those times. But his is a topic that will be extensively explained some other time.

    So... The Summer of 2011 is OVER. Finito... It can never come back, and now I am one summer older... BUT, unlike last year, and the year after that, I can proudly say, this summer was really great! I went to places, I had fun, I met sooo many new people! I was mostly very happy and satisfied, and I don't look back with regret at anything.

So, YES... This post will be the one with lots of pictures and my saying how awesome is to be me xD

I don't have everything documented, so i won't talk about everything. But lets say it all started with my B-day celebration. Just for the record, I claim I turned 17...!

 My sisters

Nina and Maja

Suki and Saki

    A very small celebration, but we had lots of fun. Sometimes I miss the big parties I used to make, but then I remember how much fun I have when I adore every single person I see on that day, and somehow I feel much better! 
    After that came the blurry Time Out outing, which was sooo fun! Like always when I am with Katarina, I get to relax and have soo much fun!

     Soon after, it was about time I get my tan! Which i did, in Greece! I was there with a bunch of people, and most of them I met in the bus on our way there. But they are all so relaxed and funny (and young) that I didn't have a problem fitting in. Again, so much fun you can see from the pictures below! Greece is beautiful as ever, and from my smiling face, you can see I want to go again, but next year it will be Zakynthos! 



 Suki, Jeca and Filip

 I put this one because you can see the water, which means partying is not all i did!


Most of us ^^

     When I came back I had to show of my new skirt, and of course the tan! That is why I went to Red Shoes with Maja, Katarina and Dajana. I drank only orange juice, but it was as if someone gave me something. I had so much energy and I kept dancing all night! 
Dajana, Katarina and Maja

     Next came the Beer fest, and Bowling, and Beer Fest again. I already posted pictures form Bowling, so I will just post Beer fest pictures. 

 Some random people we met outside the lue

 Mina and Tanja

Sisters ^^

     After that came the Autumn Smederevo Festival, and again, I had fun. I don't have many pictures, but here is one where you can see me and the girls I went out one night. We had fun, Tropico band was singing(so the stage was pretty, too), and i wore my cute skirt again! The last time before the summer ended... 

Maja, Ivana, Marijana, Ivana, Branka, Sandra

     The last day of this beautiful summer that I could use to do something memorable was a Sunday, when I had a biking adventure at Ada Ciganlija. I was there with Milica and Nina, and I had so much fun. That much I can't for the next summer so i can do it more often. I have no idea why it took me so long to go and ride a bike there, when i know it is nice. I just had no idea how nice. And good for my body, too. But the hell with the body. The wind in my hair is why I loved it. I don't have a nice picture cause we were kinda busy on our bikes, but I had to mention it. 
    Of course, I shouldn't forget about all the walks, talks, and fun I had that wasn't documented with a camera. I want to thank all my friends who were there with me this summer. They made it better, and me happier! I love you all and I am looking forward to our autumn and winter editions of fun!