29 August, 2011


     I have done it! The first thing I can cross off my List! 

     You know how in movies and cartoons (The Simpsons) they all make it look very easy and they just love playing it, and do it ALL the time... Well, DO NOT be fooled! It is sooo much fun, and it is not THAT hard, and I LOVED playing it! And I will go AGAIN in a few weeks! BUT!!! There are some things that I didn't expect when I bought the discount voucher for bowling in the Bowling First (they call it Zabac(Frog) now) in Zemun a few weeks ago!

  1. Those balls are HEAVY! It says that the lightes one are 7 pounds... Which is 3.2kg, and that is A LOT! Most think nooo, it is not THAT heavy... Well, it is not, but just try throwing lets say... 2 bottles of water... on the ground... kinda gently, with concentration, without your hands shaking, and make them go the way you want them to... NOT easy... And those are just those of 7 pounds! There are those that are much heavier... 8 is ok, but 9!!! Gosh, my hand was killing me!
  2. If you have nails, DON'T go bowling! My right hand thumb was left wounded :( I left home without a nice, long nail afterwards, and it hurt because of the way I was throwing the ball. (it was chopped, and next time I will just cut it, so it doesn't break)
  3. If you are a sore loser, DON'T go bowling! I hate losing, but this was all about having fun, and since i really sucked until i figured out how to throw the effing ball, I had very little points. In the end I figured it was all about the way you throw it, and after I started doing this:

           it was much better!
     4.   Be prepared for sore muscles afterwards! I had it, my sister, my friends... It was painful, and so funny,
           because it didn't hurt while we were having all that fun, but two days later, I had trouble walking!

     If this warnings don't affect you, join me the next time I go, because even though I had sore muscles, I had one finger without a beautiful nail, and I had the worst result, I had SO much fun! Feel in love with the shoes, because they are uber cute! I can't wait to again, and I already bought a voucher! If you want to go, make sure you do it with people you always have fun with, and it will be awesome! 
     Also, a warrning! If there is two or three of you, one hour is quite enough! If there is five or six people, go for two hours. Never go in a group of  four, because one hour is not enough, and two hours is too much.(unless you can go for an hour and a half!)

     There we are! Had sooo much fun! Me, Maja and Suki. Nenad took the picture. 

After 8, they turn off the light, and everything in the Bowling Alley that is white starts shining like my awesome bowling sneakers!

22 August, 2011

The joys of Aunthood!

    For those who don't already know, I am an Aunt. I love the job, and it is a highly praised position that requires very little effort. I see my niece and nephew a few days a week. I come to my sister's place, I hold them, talk to them, make them laugh... And when it's time for them to be changed, I go home because it would be too much for me to involve in such unnecessary action. They have a mother for those things.
    Now, onto the details: on the 6th of May, 2011 two angels were welcomed into this world. Their names are Nemanja and Nadja, and they are the apple of their aunt's eye!

This is them just a couple of weeks old!

Me with both of them a few days ago :-)

 Nemanja and I

Nadja and I 

My little sleepy sunshine

 My little Miss Smiley face

    So, there they are. I love them the most and can't imagine life without them. It is so weird how little it takes for a baby to get under your skin. I am actually surprised by how fast they grow, how they change every day. Just minutes go they left to the doctors for their check-up, and Nadja started crying... She is generally not the one that cries, because Nemanja does that... But she is different. So much prettier, and somehow... dunno... It is normal with babies I suppose. This morning I went to see them for 20 minutes, and I tried feeding Nemanja, and couldn't manage. He was kicking me, and pushing me away! A three month old baby pushing me away! He is sooo strong! And later, when my sister finished feeding him, he almost climbed onto her chest! She was holding him, and he tried climbing up with his tiny legs! EPIC!!! It can't be described... You have to see it to realize how funny they are. And they are still so little and know absolutely nothing... Or do they? When is it that people start comprehending the world? I know that one of my first memory is from kindergarten... It was something with me singing the lyrics of the song "Moji su drugovi" in a wrong way. It was in 1994 or 1995 which means I was 5, maybe 6... I have other memories from kindergarten, but I have no idea how old I was back then. And they aren't all much vivid... Anyways, today we have cameras to make sure every moment is remembered, and my little angels will have lots of memories :-)


17 August, 2011


     Last night I received a text from my oldest friend in the world. She asked me to tell her what I honestly think about her as a person. I replied and although I knew why she was asking that silly question out of the blue, I asked what made her ask that. She replied she wondered why was everything so wrong in her life as if she was being punished.


    I told her to snap out of it and to enjoy life. There is nothing wrong with her. She is a healthy 20 something year old. She has a an amazing job. She was recently dumped by her boyfriend who is an absolute A@@! Such an a@@ that I would gladly smack him so hard that he would hit the floor! She is better of without him, and instead of being pathetic and wondering what she did wrong she should concentrate on building up her self-esteem and feel lucky that she got away from that @@X%$@%@#%$!

    Luckily she quickly understood my critique and snapped out of that awful state! Most would think I was to harsh, and that I am a bad friend! Well, I CERTAINLY AM NOT! I honestly wish I had a friend like I am. I wish someone told me to snap out of it when I was depressed and so hurt that I wanted the ground to open and make me vanish, so I wouldn't feel what I felt. But I am glad no one did. I am glad they all told me to do what I thought best. I am glad  everyone just avoided the topic like I was contagious when I showed my sorrow. Wanna know why? Because getting over it by myself is something I just had to do. When you are deeply hurt and feel broken beyond repair, you need to heal by yourself. because when you put the pieces back together, you glue them so hard, that it hardly unlikely you will brake that easily ever again. And after that you are a new person. In my case, Marta 2.0, a better, improved version!

    Why didn't I let my friend heal by herself then? I have two reasons:
  1. She is not that hurt. It is just a matter of low self-esteem and she needed a push
  2. It is like waxing. You need someone to be tough and quick. The pain is strong, but after that the skin is left beautiful for a while and there is no more pain. Maybe just an itch, but that depends on your skin type. Much better than being gentle, because being gentle is like shaving. It is painless, but if you have skin like I do, it is a solution that lasts for a verrry short period of time.
   Now, for the point of this long post! You gotta LOVE YOURSELF! You can't let go of control over your life and your feelings. Yes, love is great, but what is the point of love if the person you love hurts you all the time? If the love you give and receive doesn't make you a better person? This is not only when romantic love is concerned. It is every kind of love out there, except those you have for your family, because... You can't chose your family. They are given to you. But you can chose your friends. Use it. Chose wisely, and waist no time on people who make you feel bad about yourself. I learned a long time ago to chose my friends. It made my life so much easier. 

    And even though I do some really stupid and far from prudent things, I love myself. And I try to be happy every day. Some days it is hard, but those days I just try harder. Put some more make up, wear extra pretty clothes, have something really nice for breakfast. And it works! As my dear friend Crystal would say, happiness is in the small things. When you feel down, treat yourself with something nice. And it will put a smile on your face, and make you love yourself more. You are the one who builds your happiness. Not some other person. 

16 August, 2011

My 100 ThingsToDo List!

   Many of you who know me have heard of this list I keep mentioning. The idea originally came about five years ago when I first saw the movie A Walk To Remember. A sad saaad story... :-(  But an inspiration as well! I forgot about the list and never thought of it until last year when I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do in my life. I wrote down many, many are a mental note, and many are still to be figured out. But I can proudly say that my list is something every person should make, and tend to fulfill every single entry that list has!

    I am aware that there are many things that aren't easy or probable, at least not from where I stand in my life right now, but I will work towards achieving all of them... By the time I am 30, or I start my own family... Whichever comes first... Also, some of the things on this list aren't entirely up to me and I can't really do much about it but hope they do fulfill... 

     This blog entry will be LONG and edited often because I will need to find all those notebooks and mental notes to form my list, and later on think of other things I want to do to fill the remaining entries to my List. One other thing I want to do is after I have done something from the List, I will make a blog entry about it and link it. Right now it might sound weird but after I have completed a  few dozen things, it will be clearer and very easy to navigate if you want to see how exactly did I fulfill one of those things!

I shall start my List now: *

*the things I put in this list aren't arranged in any particular order 

  1. Drive a Red Convertible (preferably Toyota Solara) with a floral scarf on my head and huge white sunglasses
  2. Have waist-long hair
  3. Drive a trolley
  4. Read 100 books in one year's time
  5. Have a star named after me
  6. Be slim
  7. Travel through Europe by car
  8. Swim with the dolphins
  9. Live on my own
  10. Organize a successful surprise party
  11. Try those famous cookies they serve in Amsterdam (just one, because it won't hurt and I need to be irresponsible at some point!)
  12. Have a beer at an authentic German pub
  13. Watch Nut Cracker(or any other ballet play) at Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow
  14. Have a jeep that is also a convertible... Like Rav4 convertible, but a younger version
  15. Die my hair RED! DONE
  16. Attend a Red Carpet event - DONEish
  17. Write a book, and have it published by a good publishing company
  18. Have an article written about me (a positive one, ofc)
  19. Learn two, preferably three more languages (minimum intermediate level)
  20. Learn how to do this
  21. Buy myself a Burberry coat: this one... or maybe something like this one
  22. Have a Golden Retriever
  23. Have a wall full of books
  24. Have a wine collection, but high quality wine :-)
  25. Visit Japan 
  26. Spend a week at Boro Boro enjoying myself
  27. Go on a road trip through USA
  28. Have a HUGE round bed
  29. Wait for the New Year to come at a warm place, with a beautiful beach
  30. Go bowling DONE
  31. Have a completely white smile!
  32. Shoot a gun
  33. Learn how to make chocolate souffle
  34. Write a recipe book with my favourite dishes  
  35. Learn Morse code
  36. Eat frog legs
  37. Read 100 Classics
  38. Go on a Transylvania/Count Dracula's Castle tour 
  39. Go to a huge sports game
  40. Stay up all night and see the sunrise DONE
  41. Sleep under the stars
  42. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  43. Kiss in the rain
  44. Learn self-defense
  45. Visit the Great Wall of China
  46. Ride a gondola in Venice(if I ever go to Venice again, it will be specifically so i can fulfill this one!)
  47. Be given flowers DONE
  48. Eat shark meat DONE
  49. Get a (small) tattoo
  50. Go to Las Vegas
  51. Ride a horse DONE
  52. Eat sushi  DONE
  53. Learn how to make poached eggs
  54. Go to an audition to be in a movie, even if it is only a small part
  55. Jump of a cliff (a small one) into a natural body of water in an exotic location
  56. Go skinny dipping at midnight
  57. Take a shower under a waterfall
  58. Go to Rio during the Carnival (and be in it if possible)
  59. Take singing lessons
  60. Make three course dinner for at least 10 people
  61. See the Northern Lights
  62. Hug an oak tree
  63. Go camping
  64. Go to Zakynthos (again) and say thank you to Agia Mavra  DONE
  65. Go to Prague (again) and eat deer goulash in that pretty little restaurant like I already did in 2010
  66. Ride a mechanical bull
  67. Throw a HUGE party and invite everyone of my friends (bigger than my 18th B-day party)
  68. Run away for a weekend without telling ANYONE
  69. Have a dozen of red roses delivered to my mum 
  70. Send a message in a bottle
  71. Plant a tree
  72. Stay all night dancing and go to work without going home ( a little hard at this point, since my home is where I work, but I will live alone someday)
  73. Make a complete and utter fool of myself
  74. Learn to bar tend (flip and throw bottles without them breaking)
  75. Learn how to make a three layer cocktail
  76. Visit all continents (ok, 6/7 is acceptable too)
  77. Get a scuba diving certificate
  78. Cross over a border on foot DONE
  79. Attend the Olympics
  80. Go to Octoberfest
  81. Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna DONE
  82. Meet a president
  83. Hold a tarantula and/or a snake (this one will be tough)
  84. Hold a lamb
  85. Milk a cow
  86. Skydive ( I make NO promises, but if I ever get a chance, I will do my best to get rid of my fear of heights)
  87. Ride in a helicopter
  88. Learn how to use chopsticks DONE
  89. Drink vodka with Russians
  90. Finish University DONE
  91. Learn how to REALLY dance
  92. Fly a kite (again, cause I think I did it as a kid)
  93. Be a vegan for a month DONE
  94. Fly first class
  95. Visit a castle in England
  96. Visit a castle in France
  97. Visit a castle in Germany
  98. See Mona Lisa in Louvre
  99. Go to KST costume party 
  100. Get married and have children (the last one because it will remain open longest)

There it is... MY LIST...

I know some things might seem silly, and some may be really hard, since I have little time... Eight years tops... But even if those years pass, I won't give up. I want it all, and I want it now... 
Also, I have to add that I didn't put a lot of things in my list because those things have already been done, and I might write an entry about them these days, when I get the inspiration. 

Progress so far: 14/100

And so I begin...

     Writing was never something I was good at... I underestimated it and thought I can write anything if I set my mind to it. I am just lazy and don't even try. Boy, was I wrong! After realizing I am not much of a inspiring writer I pretty much told myself: "It's OK. You are good at other things. You are the type that prefers verbal communication, and you can rock it ANYTIME!". I am not saying that is not correct. It really is. I can talk myself out of almost anything, and if I try hard enough, I can persuade people to do some really crazy things! But it was never enough for me. I always admired people who can write well. I want to be THAT people! And so I decided it is time to try and do something about it. They say practice makes perfect, and that is one of the main reasons I decided writting a blog would be awesome. There are other reasons too, which will be exhaustively explained if you continue reading. My reasons would be: (without any particular order)

1. I want to practice my writting
2. I want to improve my English
3. I want to feed my internet addiction with something productive
4. I want to be world famous as a blogger and I have a not so secret desire to make this a profitable hobby
5. I want to have a place where I can rant and write down random thoughts I often have
6. I want to compel engourage my sisters to learn more English so they can see just how awesome their sister is!
7. I want to practice my writting so when I go to Dubai to work as F/A I will be good at it and my blog entries will be fun to read and also informative
8. I want to show all those haters out there I care not what they think about me and that they can kiss my pretty voluptuous (as Aussies would say) arse!
9. I want to share my 100 things To Do list with everyone! 
10. ...

     There probably are many more reasons, I just can't think of any more roght now... So those will do. 
I should probably explain why is it that I am writting in English even though I am Serbian? Well, that will need a a list of reasons as well. My reasons for writting in English would be: (without any particular order)

1. I think in English a lot, and everything I would want to write down here sounds much more cool in English!
2. Same as No. 2 in the list above...
3. I have many friends I met online and most of them don't speak Serbian, and I really want to share this part of my world with them. (and they actually consider me funny, and I will need the positive feedback!)
4. There are billions of people who speak English, and only a few million who speak Serbian... I already said I have a good feeling my blog will be world famous one day.. I shall write no more, and let you guys conclude!
5. ...

     I don't really need any more reasons, but this post will be opet for further editing and additional reasons might be added.
    Before I end this first blog entry I will just write a few words of warning to all of you who are seriously considering following me. So, here it goes!


    Content you might find in this blog is PG15, can be utterlly boring or too amuzing. You should always read it by yourself, because it may cause unexpected behaviour. It contains gossip, personal information, and can very often be used as a mean of critisizing those I can't attact verbally. I hold no responsability for what is written, and every post can be edited or deleted at any time. I also encourage that my beloved readers leave comments, but I shall delete them if they don't satisfy my current mood or show me different to the image I display of myself. I am a funny, interesting person, and I will tend to keep all my posts that way. I will put into consideration every suggestion you have and I promise I will do my best to keep you all amuzed on a regular basis that may vary from a few posts a day, to a few posts a month, depending on how much time I have to spare for this new hobby of mine.