16 August, 2011

And so I begin...

     Writing was never something I was good at... I underestimated it and thought I can write anything if I set my mind to it. I am just lazy and don't even try. Boy, was I wrong! After realizing I am not much of a inspiring writer I pretty much told myself: "It's OK. You are good at other things. You are the type that prefers verbal communication, and you can rock it ANYTIME!". I am not saying that is not correct. It really is. I can talk myself out of almost anything, and if I try hard enough, I can persuade people to do some really crazy things! But it was never enough for me. I always admired people who can write well. I want to be THAT people! And so I decided it is time to try and do something about it. They say practice makes perfect, and that is one of the main reasons I decided writting a blog would be awesome. There are other reasons too, which will be exhaustively explained if you continue reading. My reasons would be: (without any particular order)

1. I want to practice my writting
2. I want to improve my English
3. I want to feed my internet addiction with something productive
4. I want to be world famous as a blogger and I have a not so secret desire to make this a profitable hobby
5. I want to have a place where I can rant and write down random thoughts I often have
6. I want to compel engourage my sisters to learn more English so they can see just how awesome their sister is!
7. I want to practice my writting so when I go to Dubai to work as F/A I will be good at it and my blog entries will be fun to read and also informative
8. I want to show all those haters out there I care not what they think about me and that they can kiss my pretty voluptuous (as Aussies would say) arse!
9. I want to share my 100 things To Do list with everyone! 
10. ...

     There probably are many more reasons, I just can't think of any more roght now... So those will do. 
I should probably explain why is it that I am writting in English even though I am Serbian? Well, that will need a a list of reasons as well. My reasons for writting in English would be: (without any particular order)

1. I think in English a lot, and everything I would want to write down here sounds much more cool in English!
2. Same as No. 2 in the list above...
3. I have many friends I met online and most of them don't speak Serbian, and I really want to share this part of my world with them. (and they actually consider me funny, and I will need the positive feedback!)
4. There are billions of people who speak English, and only a few million who speak Serbian... I already said I have a good feeling my blog will be world famous one day.. I shall write no more, and let you guys conclude!
5. ...

     I don't really need any more reasons, but this post will be opet for further editing and additional reasons might be added.
    Before I end this first blog entry I will just write a few words of warning to all of you who are seriously considering following me. So, here it goes!


    Content you might find in this blog is PG15, can be utterlly boring or too amuzing. You should always read it by yourself, because it may cause unexpected behaviour. It contains gossip, personal information, and can very often be used as a mean of critisizing those I can't attact verbally. I hold no responsability for what is written, and every post can be edited or deleted at any time. I also encourage that my beloved readers leave comments, but I shall delete them if they don't satisfy my current mood or show me different to the image I display of myself. I am a funny, interesting person, and I will tend to keep all my posts that way. I will put into consideration every suggestion you have and I promise I will do my best to keep you all amuzed on a regular basis that may vary from a few posts a day, to a few posts a month, depending on how much time I have to spare for this new hobby of mine.


  1. Love it, love it, loooooovvvee it!

  2. calm down Ed. It seems to be posting fine lol.

    So, completely uncensored opinions huh? Is it safe for me to post in here then? Not sure I can handle that kind of honesty hahaha. Well said Marta. You can be certain I will give you honest feed back in return. ;)

  3. And I will be thankful.. As long as I like what you say :P ^^

  4. I love English, but I do not have so many people who love to practice with me :D

  5. That is why, dear sister, I exist to help you <3