29 August, 2011


     I have done it! The first thing I can cross off my List! 

     You know how in movies and cartoons (The Simpsons) they all make it look very easy and they just love playing it, and do it ALL the time... Well, DO NOT be fooled! It is sooo much fun, and it is not THAT hard, and I LOVED playing it! And I will go AGAIN in a few weeks! BUT!!! There are some things that I didn't expect when I bought the discount voucher for bowling in the Bowling First (they call it Zabac(Frog) now) in Zemun a few weeks ago!

  1. Those balls are HEAVY! It says that the lightes one are 7 pounds... Which is 3.2kg, and that is A LOT! Most think nooo, it is not THAT heavy... Well, it is not, but just try throwing lets say... 2 bottles of water... on the ground... kinda gently, with concentration, without your hands shaking, and make them go the way you want them to... NOT easy... And those are just those of 7 pounds! There are those that are much heavier... 8 is ok, but 9!!! Gosh, my hand was killing me!
  2. If you have nails, DON'T go bowling! My right hand thumb was left wounded :( I left home without a nice, long nail afterwards, and it hurt because of the way I was throwing the ball. (it was chopped, and next time I will just cut it, so it doesn't break)
  3. If you are a sore loser, DON'T go bowling! I hate losing, but this was all about having fun, and since i really sucked until i figured out how to throw the effing ball, I had very little points. In the end I figured it was all about the way you throw it, and after I started doing this:

           it was much better!
     4.   Be prepared for sore muscles afterwards! I had it, my sister, my friends... It was painful, and so funny,
           because it didn't hurt while we were having all that fun, but two days later, I had trouble walking!

     If this warnings don't affect you, join me the next time I go, because even though I had sore muscles, I had one finger without a beautiful nail, and I had the worst result, I had SO much fun! Feel in love with the shoes, because they are uber cute! I can't wait to again, and I already bought a voucher! If you want to go, make sure you do it with people you always have fun with, and it will be awesome! 
     Also, a warrning! If there is two or three of you, one hour is quite enough! If there is five or six people, go for two hours. Never go in a group of  four, because one hour is not enough, and two hours is too much.(unless you can go for an hour and a half!)

     There we are! Had sooo much fun! Me, Maja and Suki. Nenad took the picture. 

After 8, they turn off the light, and everything in the Bowling Alley that is white starts shining like my awesome bowling sneakers!


  1. Next time I go. In a few weeks :-) You will be informed!

  2. Funny and well written! :D

    Love the pics! :D
    I'm so sorry I couldn't make it.
    Although, I'm pretty sure I would have sucked at it xD

  3. You have your photos here sister!

    Nina, I will go again, and then you will see whether you suck or not :P