27 September, 2011

Sushi bar!

Feel the rain on your skin 
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in 
No one else, no one else 
Can speak the words on your lips 
Drench yourself in words unspoken 
Live your life with arms wide open 
Today is where your book begins 
The rest is still unwritten 

     This chorus of an amazing song that is an inspiration for me is one of the things that made me write my list. me wanting to see it all and feel it by myself. And I have started. yesterday I went to Ikki Sushi Bar and I ate sushi! Finally!!! I got the voucher a few days ago, yesterday I made a reservation for 7PM, and there I was! We couldn't choose what to eat, because the voucher said which meal we were having. But we didn't mind, because we had no idea what would we have anyways. So, here are some pictures, of me and Maja, before our plates arrived!

Maja - holding a napkin with chopsticks

    So, we were looking at the Menu, trying to decide what to have for drinking, and to see what else is there, and we were rather surprised to see that many things we actually could dare to try... And that we might come again some day :-) And then our plates arrived, and they looked like this:

     There you have 5 pieces of Nagiri, each with a different kind of fish: salmon, eel, tuna, seebass, and what they said was shrimp. I am not sure there was all of it there, but from what I could recognize there was definitely tuna, salmon, shrimp and seebass. But eel... Not so sure... maybe sole... It also contained Maki crabs with sesame! The green little thing is wasabi, aka Japanese horseradish, and I didn't dare try it. Maja did, and she said it very hot and strong, and she will never have it again!!! The other garnish is ... well kind of a salad I think, it is spicy, hot, sour and I had trouble swallowing it. I tried it then, and never again! Maki with crab and sesame is the best thing on that plate, and I really liked it! The sesame gives it an amazing flavour. To be honest, I wasn't all that overwhelmed with the food. It is nice, healthy, and I might go again if I get the chance, why not. The experience and the fact that I am checking another box on my list is what made it so exciting. And I did have a good time, because I was there with Maja, and she is just amazing!
    Here are some more pictures, so you can see what else we had, and that we did have fun! 

Japanese Jasmin tea - I drank the smell <3 

 Maki crab held by chopsticks!

 The Menu

Me trying to hold Maki crab with chopsticks

     Oh, and the chopsticks! It was so funny how we tried holding them, and things would come to my mouth and fall back in the plate! I suck at it. But by the time we ate everything, we kinda figured it out, so it wasn't that bad. 

Anyways, the conclusion would be: I HAD FUN AND WOOHOO! 2/100 ^^

Correction: 3/100 I used chopsticks! thank you anonymous follower from Formsprings for pointing that out :-)

22 September, 2011

Goodbye Summer!

     The other day I woke up, and I saw...


I had a mix of feelings! Cold is first that pop into my mind. The second thing was my cute black sweater. I  could wear it!!! Oh the joy I felt. I love my autumn/winter clothes! All the skirts, sweaters, tights, shoes!!! I am so well dressed at those times. But his is a topic that will be extensively explained some other time.

    So... The Summer of 2011 is OVER. Finito... It can never come back, and now I am one summer older... BUT, unlike last year, and the year after that, I can proudly say, this summer was really great! I went to places, I had fun, I met sooo many new people! I was mostly very happy and satisfied, and I don't look back with regret at anything.

So, YES... This post will be the one with lots of pictures and my saying how awesome is to be me xD

I don't have everything documented, so i won't talk about everything. But lets say it all started with my B-day celebration. Just for the record, I claim I turned 17...!

 My sisters

Nina and Maja

Suki and Saki

    A very small celebration, but we had lots of fun. Sometimes I miss the big parties I used to make, but then I remember how much fun I have when I adore every single person I see on that day, and somehow I feel much better! 
    After that came the blurry Time Out outing, which was sooo fun! Like always when I am with Katarina, I get to relax and have soo much fun!

     Soon after, it was about time I get my tan! Which i did, in Greece! I was there with a bunch of people, and most of them I met in the bus on our way there. But they are all so relaxed and funny (and young) that I didn't have a problem fitting in. Again, so much fun you can see from the pictures below! Greece is beautiful as ever, and from my smiling face, you can see I want to go again, but next year it will be Zakynthos! 



 Suki, Jeca and Filip

 I put this one because you can see the water, which means partying is not all i did!


Most of us ^^

     When I came back I had to show of my new skirt, and of course the tan! That is why I went to Red Shoes with Maja, Katarina and Dajana. I drank only orange juice, but it was as if someone gave me something. I had so much energy and I kept dancing all night! 
Dajana, Katarina and Maja

     Next came the Beer fest, and Bowling, and Beer Fest again. I already posted pictures form Bowling, so I will just post Beer fest pictures. 

 Some random people we met outside the lue

 Mina and Tanja

Sisters ^^

     After that came the Autumn Smederevo Festival, and again, I had fun. I don't have many pictures, but here is one where you can see me and the girls I went out one night. We had fun, Tropico band was singing(so the stage was pretty, too), and i wore my cute skirt again! The last time before the summer ended... 

Maja, Ivana, Marijana, Ivana, Branka, Sandra

     The last day of this beautiful summer that I could use to do something memorable was a Sunday, when I had a biking adventure at Ada Ciganlija. I was there with Milica and Nina, and I had so much fun. That much I can't for the next summer so i can do it more often. I have no idea why it took me so long to go and ride a bike there, when i know it is nice. I just had no idea how nice. And good for my body, too. But the hell with the body. The wind in my hair is why I loved it. I don't have a nice picture cause we were kinda busy on our bikes, but I had to mention it. 
    Of course, I shouldn't forget about all the walks, talks, and fun I had that wasn't documented with a camera. I want to thank all my friends who were there with me this summer. They made it better, and me happier! I love you all and I am looking forward to our autumn and winter editions of fun!

17 September, 2011

When was the Last time you did something for the First time?

    There I was looking at this amazing inspirational commercial for an airline, and I felt like I should write about it. I often do things i never did. But how often is often? Once a month? Once a year? Think about it! 
    Trying a new dish for the first time is something quite simple and possible! Why don't people try it? No time, no money, no will whatsoever. It is actually really sad to know there are so many things that taste sooo good, and people don't eat it because they don't know/don't want to make it or go to a restaurant and buy it. They miss out on a new experience. Why??? because they are too tired from work. Or they don't have money to but ingredients, because they bought a dozen other things they didn't really need. And there are those who don't care. Who would rather sleep. 
     But what about other things? Food is not everything in life! There is travel, learning, music, literature. Sooo many things you can try. And so few people dare!
     I am not one of those people. I want to try so many things, and I try them every chance I get. Or at least I think I do. I have my list, and I've started checking it. Right now I am working on fulfilling at least 10 things (numbers: 2, 6, 9, 19, 23, 24, 37, 90...), which won't happen soon, but eventually will, and I will be so happy. But even when things aren't on my list, I would do them if I never did them before! I never rode a bike at Ada Ciganlija(lake with a huge park in Belgrade) and I will do it this afternoon. It is a small thing, but it is something that will make me happy. And something that will hopefully happen more often!
     And not just that one thing! So many others, too, that don't require money, or too much time/planning/effort. Go to a park you've been before, wear a dress/skirts/T-shirt/blouse you have for ages, but you never wore because of ... whatever reason. Enter a shop, and try one things you never tried before, and don't buy them... Not many people do that, and it is sooo fun! 
     And if you have some money, you can spend very little and do so much!!! Go to a place and have coffee you never had before. Buy vouchers for bowling via a site that gives you so many discounts! Or via the same site, buy a voucher for dinner for two. Or ask someone out you really like, even though you think he/she should make the first step. Read a book that is different than anything you ever read. Buy newspapers about something you know nothing about, and learn! Enroll in a course of... dancing, cooking, a craft... Or a book club...(few people do that these days)... 
     Enjoy life. It is an Art, and you have to know how. learn how. But it is a fulfilling Art, so easy, and overwhelming that your heart pops and you get the shivers every time you surprise yourself with the knowledge of how much you were missing out by not letting yourself try something more in life.


09 September, 2011

The Art of Waiting!

     Ever had to wait for something to happen, or someone to come? Sure you did!You wait for your alarm to go off when you wake up before you should. You wait for your water to boil to make coffee. You wait in line to pay for things you bought at the store. You wait for the bus to come. You wait to see the doctor. You wait to try on out that cute outfit you want to buy. You wait for your friend to come so you can have coffee. You wait for mail to arrive. You wait for that amazing guy to call. You wait for results of test, exams... You always WAIT! And it makes you nervous, anxious, depressed.

     And then it might happen that you don't get what you want, even though you waited. And then what? You feel stupid you waited. You are disappointed. You say you will never wait for anything/anyone again! But you very well know you will. Maybe just an hour after you cursed the day you waited for something. We tend to forget that 15 minutes of waiting for a person is the 15 minutes that person stole from us. (I know, i am being dramatic now, but that is how I see it, and that is why i am rarely late)

     That is why I ask myself what should I do to kill the time? Well, NOT kill it... Make that time productive. (That is if there is no other option apart from waiting...) I love multitasking. Waiting is one thing I hate doing, so i "kill" the boredom" of it by doing things while waiting. Some of the things i do are:
  • read books/newspapers
  • watch series (House, Grey's Anatomy, ANTM, Glee, CSI, etc)
  • browse the Internet (it is amazing how many cool things you can find out by finding a random article on wikipedia: Esse Ejja is a language!!!)
  • sleep 
  • colour my nails
  • call random people you didn't see in a while and arrange meetings 
  • etc.
     You should try it! It is actually great. I read many books just by reading in the bus. That is the only thing I miss now that I don't go by bus anymore!

     Try not to wait. It is hard, and I am still trying to master that skill, but I'm doing better everyday. Who knows! Maybe in a few months/years I might actually NOT CARE whther I have to wait, because I will have such a good system with dealing with the waiting. I might even like it.