09 September, 2011

The Art of Waiting!

     Ever had to wait for something to happen, or someone to come? Sure you did!You wait for your alarm to go off when you wake up before you should. You wait for your water to boil to make coffee. You wait in line to pay for things you bought at the store. You wait for the bus to come. You wait to see the doctor. You wait to try on out that cute outfit you want to buy. You wait for your friend to come so you can have coffee. You wait for mail to arrive. You wait for that amazing guy to call. You wait for results of test, exams... You always WAIT! And it makes you nervous, anxious, depressed.

     And then it might happen that you don't get what you want, even though you waited. And then what? You feel stupid you waited. You are disappointed. You say you will never wait for anything/anyone again! But you very well know you will. Maybe just an hour after you cursed the day you waited for something. We tend to forget that 15 minutes of waiting for a person is the 15 minutes that person stole from us. (I know, i am being dramatic now, but that is how I see it, and that is why i am rarely late)

     That is why I ask myself what should I do to kill the time? Well, NOT kill it... Make that time productive. (That is if there is no other option apart from waiting...) I love multitasking. Waiting is one thing I hate doing, so i "kill" the boredom" of it by doing things while waiting. Some of the things i do are:
  • read books/newspapers
  • watch series (House, Grey's Anatomy, ANTM, Glee, CSI, etc)
  • browse the Internet (it is amazing how many cool things you can find out by finding a random article on wikipedia: Esse Ejja is a language!!!)
  • sleep 
  • colour my nails
  • call random people you didn't see in a while and arrange meetings 
  • etc.
     You should try it! It is actually great. I read many books just by reading in the bus. That is the only thing I miss now that I don't go by bus anymore!

     Try not to wait. It is hard, and I am still trying to master that skill, but I'm doing better everyday. Who knows! Maybe in a few months/years I might actually NOT CARE whther I have to wait, because I will have such a good system with dealing with the waiting. I might even like it.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! It is creative, and not to mention useful.
    Although I enjoyed this post, I do, most humbly apologize for all those times you had to wait for me.