22 September, 2011

Goodbye Summer!

     The other day I woke up, and I saw...


I had a mix of feelings! Cold is first that pop into my mind. The second thing was my cute black sweater. I  could wear it!!! Oh the joy I felt. I love my autumn/winter clothes! All the skirts, sweaters, tights, shoes!!! I am so well dressed at those times. But his is a topic that will be extensively explained some other time.

    So... The Summer of 2011 is OVER. Finito... It can never come back, and now I am one summer older... BUT, unlike last year, and the year after that, I can proudly say, this summer was really great! I went to places, I had fun, I met sooo many new people! I was mostly very happy and satisfied, and I don't look back with regret at anything.

So, YES... This post will be the one with lots of pictures and my saying how awesome is to be me xD

I don't have everything documented, so i won't talk about everything. But lets say it all started with my B-day celebration. Just for the record, I claim I turned 17...!

 My sisters

Nina and Maja

Suki and Saki

    A very small celebration, but we had lots of fun. Sometimes I miss the big parties I used to make, but then I remember how much fun I have when I adore every single person I see on that day, and somehow I feel much better! 
    After that came the blurry Time Out outing, which was sooo fun! Like always when I am with Katarina, I get to relax and have soo much fun!

     Soon after, it was about time I get my tan! Which i did, in Greece! I was there with a bunch of people, and most of them I met in the bus on our way there. But they are all so relaxed and funny (and young) that I didn't have a problem fitting in. Again, so much fun you can see from the pictures below! Greece is beautiful as ever, and from my smiling face, you can see I want to go again, but next year it will be Zakynthos! 



 Suki, Jeca and Filip

 I put this one because you can see the water, which means partying is not all i did!


Most of us ^^

     When I came back I had to show of my new skirt, and of course the tan! That is why I went to Red Shoes with Maja, Katarina and Dajana. I drank only orange juice, but it was as if someone gave me something. I had so much energy and I kept dancing all night! 
Dajana, Katarina and Maja

     Next came the Beer fest, and Bowling, and Beer Fest again. I already posted pictures form Bowling, so I will just post Beer fest pictures. 

 Some random people we met outside the lue

 Mina and Tanja

Sisters ^^

     After that came the Autumn Smederevo Festival, and again, I had fun. I don't have many pictures, but here is one where you can see me and the girls I went out one night. We had fun, Tropico band was singing(so the stage was pretty, too), and i wore my cute skirt again! The last time before the summer ended... 

Maja, Ivana, Marijana, Ivana, Branka, Sandra

     The last day of this beautiful summer that I could use to do something memorable was a Sunday, when I had a biking adventure at Ada Ciganlija. I was there with Milica and Nina, and I had so much fun. That much I can't for the next summer so i can do it more often. I have no idea why it took me so long to go and ride a bike there, when i know it is nice. I just had no idea how nice. And good for my body, too. But the hell with the body. The wind in my hair is why I loved it. I don't have a nice picture cause we were kinda busy on our bikes, but I had to mention it. 
    Of course, I shouldn't forget about all the walks, talks, and fun I had that wasn't documented with a camera. I want to thank all my friends who were there with me this summer. They made it better, and me happier! I love you all and I am looking forward to our autumn and winter editions of fun!

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