22 October, 2011

Three Musketeers - Orlando Bloom, Evil Duke of Buckinghamm

     I normally don't like antagonists in a movie, but this time I must admit Orlando did a good job, and that evil spark in his beautiful dark eyes suits him. Very much! It is ridiculous that a person can play an elf and an evil mastermind. It only adds up to me loving him more! Even though he married that ultra skinny Miranda... But she is beautiful, too, so I can't really be jealous. After all, he is too short for me...

    So, yes, this blog will be a lot about my infinite love for Orlando Bloom and a little bit about the movie.

    When I first spotted him in LotR, it was love at first sight. I mean, I always had the hots for blonds, so I suppose him looking like an angel and all helped a lot:

     I mean, look at him... I still remember the first scene with him. He was coming off a horse, and looked up. I took a photo of my TV with him there. That much he affected me! I think saying I was 12 or something like that makes everything a bit less pathetic. =)

    So now when he played the bad guy I was still enchanted. In a different way... After I show you the photos I think most of you will understand.

     He looks like a playful, sexy guy. Plus he is a mastermind. So evil and all that jazz. I am very much inspired by how versatile he can be. And he is still so pretty, just like he was 10 years ago. It is funny to say a man is pretty, but he is. Amazingly! Anyways, I should tell you something about his part and my perception of the whole movie, which, by the way, I loved!

     The plot is pretty much basic to every movie of this type: The bad guys want to do bad things. Buckingham wants to build an evil machine and use it to conquer France, and Cardinal Richelieu claims he is France, and wants to declare war against England. So, they want to fight each other, but still they make peace offerings, to keep people form... whatever. And there is the young King Louis XIII and his wife Anne. The story has no connections with the real couple at all, cause they didn't really like each other, and they "consummated" their marriage because they were pressured, not because they wanted to (thanks wikipedia), and the Cardinal wants to separate them and make the King declare a war against England by making up Duke B. and the Queen's affair. Milady helps them. Musketeers stop them. The youngest (the forth) D’Artagnan joins them, and they do that “All for one, one for all“ thing in the end, after they have saved the day. He gets to kiss that pretty blond girl that is the Queen's not maid, but one of those other girls she tags along everywhere. Can't remember how they're called. Mila Jovovich is, of course, beautiful, and she has great legs, and she is a traitor. And that would be it. I really had fun, because they are all hilarious, and the end promised a part II, so I will be expecting it in a few years. 

    Those trailer before the movie made me remember why I love going to the movies, and I can't wait to go again. I will prolly see In Time, with Justin Timberlake. The trailer is promising. But they all are, right?! That is how they make people watch movies.

    What have you seen in the movies lately? Or at home, because it is much cheaper! Do you have any suggestions on what I should see, that I would like? 

21 October, 2011

Thank God It's Friday

     Yap, it is Friday. And I love it. This has been a very hard week, and I have been so busy that I have no idea how I managed to do everything. Last Friday seems so far away, and I honestly can't really remember what is it I did then. I won't be bothered by that, because it doesn't really matter. But what does matter is I will have so much fun this weekend! So, now I will listen to TGIF to inspire me and write about all the great things I have planned for the next few days!

     Here in Serbia, it is very common to go out clubbing. When someone goes out, it is almost obligatory to go to u club, have at least a few drinks, dance all night. Considering Belgrade is at the very top of Best Nightlife in Europe, it is normal we all like going out. But not every night out must include alcohol, loud music and that awful smell in my hair the morning after. So, this weekend I decided I will have lots of fun, and still not have a drop of alcohol. 
     In an hour I will go the movies. We still have not decided what to see, but I am thinking The Three Musketeers because I love Orlando Bloom (I was madly in love with him after he played Legolas), What's Your Number? (because it a romantic comedy, and I need some romance in my life, at least on screen when I can't have it in RL), or One Day (the same reason as the previous movie, but I also love Anne, and it is also a drama). We will decide when we get there. Prolly going to vote and see. Since it is three of us(maybe four, Nina's supposed going to get back to me I hope soon) we could go with first movie. I will write about my impressions soon, so you will find out.

    Tomorrow I work, and in the afternoon I have a salsa class. And after that Maja will come over, and we will have so much fun. I love spending time with her, and we always have plenty to talk about. I mean, I didn't see her in 4 days. That is a long time! :P That just reminded me I need to let her know about Sunday. We are going bowling again! I can't wait!

  But, before we go bowling, I am going to The Book Fair! I already have a mental checklist of books I need to buy:

  • 1. I Heart Hollywood
  • 2. I Heart Paris
  • 3. The newest WoT translated book in Serbian(it just came out, I think today)
  • 4. A book I need for Uni., nothing too fun
  • 5. German dictionary
  • 6. ... I will find a thousand more, but I think my wallet is far too light to afford many...
     I finished I Heart New York today, and I feel in love with the book. I know I might be considered shallow because I read those books, but that is who I am. I am sorry I don't find Freud interesting, or that I enjoy reading about romance in a big city I will prolly never live. But it makes me think it might happen some day. And that there is a happy ending for everyone. 

    So, as you all can see, I will have a lot of fun during this weekend, I will spend quality time with some friends, and in the spare time, i will hang out with Suzana (she came a few days ago, finally) and do some Autumn cleaning. My room desperately needs it!

    There is one more thing I wanted to share with you... I never mentioned much about one part of my life, my love life. I didn't want to talk about it, but maybe I could say something. So tell me if you are interested. I will also put on a poll which you can find on wither left or right sidebar, so please vote. If I get enough votes, I will share a few things with you. :-)

18 October, 2011

Red as Fire

     I know I haven't been very productive with blog posts lately, but life is busy! Classes have started and I took salsa lessons and also started taking German. Plus the time I have to spend working to pay for my trip to Vienna! YES! I am going! In exactly 15 days, and I am soooo excited! Not only one more thing from my list will be checked, because I will go to an orchestral performanse, but I will also have so much fun, see a beautiful city, practise a bit of my German (I know how to say my name, where I am from, how old I am and ... That would be it... For now!) and all in all be enriched with a brand new experience! But all of that will be more important in a few weeks. What is important now is the following:


     Yes, I did it. I couldn't wait any longer because now is the right time. The result is satisfactory, though I must say that I pretty much freaked out when I saw my roots are a very bright shade of red and the rest of my hair not that bright. When I dried it, it looked much better. It is not perfect but I believe that even though my hair has a few shades od red, not divided in a very good way, I still look great. It suits me and I don't regret it! I still can't stop laughing when I look at my roots, and the fact that my scul will be red for at least a week until the colour washes off, and I can use only one towel or my mum will kill me for ruining her others... But it is all funny and I don't care. It is just hair. I will keep this until I get bored with it. But I REALLY like myself in red! I think it faltters my skin colour. Some hair colours can make a person disappear under it, but that is not the case here.

     Yesterday I read that redheads draw a lot of attention and that if you feel uncomfortable by that red is not the colour for you. I am sitting at a restaurant typing this right now, and people aren't staring. I will see what will happen later on these days and I will get back to you on that. Personally I am a tall girl. People see me even if they don't want to. They rarely stare, and I am rarely annoyed by the looks. I guess when you live in a big city it is normal and doesn't bother you after a while. So red should be a good colour for me. I have a black towel, I don't care if people stare and I've wanted it for such a long time that now that it is finally on me... It feels normal. I am genuinely happy and I really think the colour suits me well!

This is me in the sunlight, so it looks much brighter...

What do you guys think?

Anyways, 4/100 WooHoo!!!!