22 October, 2011

Three Musketeers - Orlando Bloom, Evil Duke of Buckinghamm

     I normally don't like antagonists in a movie, but this time I must admit Orlando did a good job, and that evil spark in his beautiful dark eyes suits him. Very much! It is ridiculous that a person can play an elf and an evil mastermind. It only adds up to me loving him more! Even though he married that ultra skinny Miranda... But she is beautiful, too, so I can't really be jealous. After all, he is too short for me...

    So, yes, this blog will be a lot about my infinite love for Orlando Bloom and a little bit about the movie.

    When I first spotted him in LotR, it was love at first sight. I mean, I always had the hots for blonds, so I suppose him looking like an angel and all helped a lot:

     I mean, look at him... I still remember the first scene with him. He was coming off a horse, and looked up. I took a photo of my TV with him there. That much he affected me! I think saying I was 12 or something like that makes everything a bit less pathetic. =)

    So now when he played the bad guy I was still enchanted. In a different way... After I show you the photos I think most of you will understand.

     He looks like a playful, sexy guy. Plus he is a mastermind. So evil and all that jazz. I am very much inspired by how versatile he can be. And he is still so pretty, just like he was 10 years ago. It is funny to say a man is pretty, but he is. Amazingly! Anyways, I should tell you something about his part and my perception of the whole movie, which, by the way, I loved!

     The plot is pretty much basic to every movie of this type: The bad guys want to do bad things. Buckingham wants to build an evil machine and use it to conquer France, and Cardinal Richelieu claims he is France, and wants to declare war against England. So, they want to fight each other, but still they make peace offerings, to keep people form... whatever. And there is the young King Louis XIII and his wife Anne. The story has no connections with the real couple at all, cause they didn't really like each other, and they "consummated" their marriage because they were pressured, not because they wanted to (thanks wikipedia), and the Cardinal wants to separate them and make the King declare a war against England by making up Duke B. and the Queen's affair. Milady helps them. Musketeers stop them. The youngest (the forth) D’Artagnan joins them, and they do that “All for one, one for all“ thing in the end, after they have saved the day. He gets to kiss that pretty blond girl that is the Queen's not maid, but one of those other girls she tags along everywhere. Can't remember how they're called. Mila Jovovich is, of course, beautiful, and she has great legs, and she is a traitor. And that would be it. I really had fun, because they are all hilarious, and the end promised a part II, so I will be expecting it in a few years. 

    Those trailer before the movie made me remember why I love going to the movies, and I can't wait to go again. I will prolly see In Time, with Justin Timberlake. The trailer is promising. But they all are, right?! That is how they make people watch movies.

    What have you seen in the movies lately? Or at home, because it is much cheaper! Do you have any suggestions on what I should see, that I would like? 

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    I love this post! And I adore Orlando, so much it is almost disturbing. :D
    You are good at reviews, can't wait for the next post!