29 November, 2011


     In the past few years it has been a regular thing for me to have these situations every once in a while:

Situation 1:

I am at work. A good song starts. 

Me: Oh, I love this song!
Coworker 1: Oh, me too! I used to listen to it when I was in high school. 
Me: Well, I know the song, but I have no idea who is the singer or what is its name. 
Coworker 2: Oh, I know it too. It is a classic. We had great songs when we were younger, right?
Coworker1: Yes, we had some really amazing songs. This one is Cyndy Lauper/Aerosmith/Roxette's.
Me: I will download it! It is great!

*writes down the name of the song on a random paper *

Situation 2:

I am riding a car going somewhere, wherever, and I hear a song. This is my chain of thoughts:

Hm, I think I know this song... la la la la... yeah... it is awesome. They had so good songs back then. Well, we have them now, too. I mean, Adele is great, Beyonce, too. And I really love some pop/rock/alternative artists we have now that aren't that popular. la la la la Yeah, I should burn a CD with these stuff. la la la la Yap, i will, I will download this song when I get home. la la la la la

Guess what, I never did. 

     So, a few months ago, I took a few papers that I keep next to my PC, and when I hear a great song on the radio, either old or new, I use google to find the artist and write down his name and the name of the song. And right now I have 30ish songs on my list. And I will keep adding them. And a nice surprise to me that one of my coworkers added a few songs the other day. And normally i would get pissed for someone putting their nose in my business, but this time I didn't cause the songs are OK, and I will surely need help to make this list. I think 100 songs will do. But not just classics that are 10+ years old, but new things too! 
     That is why I want you all to give me as many songs as you can remember that are classic for you and that you can never get enough of. And I will now give you a few of my own that I ADORE! 

(and if you haven't noticed by now, I kinda love making lists...)

The songs in this list have no particular order. I just randomly added the song I like. There are a lot more on my list, these are just some I really like. So do comment and tell me what else would you add and what you think about these songs :-)

1. Emma Bunton - What took you so long

2. Roxette - For the very first time

3. Belinda Carlisle - Leave a light

4. Crowded House - Weather with you

5. James Blunt - You're beautiful

6. Adele - Set fire to the rain

7. Sir Paul McCartney - Hope of deliverance

8. Marlon Roudette - New age

9. Chris Daughtry - It's not over

10. Celine Dion - That's the way it is


  1. *I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder
    *Hello by Lionel Richie
    *Say say say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
    *Islands in the stream by Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton
    *Here comes the train again by Eurythmics
    *Jump for my love by The Pointer Sisters

  2. Oh, four more

    *Who is gonna drive you home by The Cars
    *Get down on it by the Kool&The Gang
    *Celebration by the Kool&The Gang
    *Suddenly by Billy Ocean

  3. Love the idea...strangely Ive found myself writing more lists as well! Heres some random songs :)

    -Runaway by The Corrs
    -One Evening by Feist
    - Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money
    -Sunglasses At Night by Corey Hart
    - West End Girls by The Petshop Boys
    -Electric Feel by MGMT
    -Night by Night by Chromeo
    -As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B Hawkins
    -Hazard by Richard Marx

  4. Oh, I love most of these songs! I haven't heard some, but they are all great! And some will find their place in my list!

    John, we are suckers for lists, right?

  5. when will there be an update? hungry for more storries!!

  6. I just posted ^^ About my New Year's Resolutions :-)