03 November, 2011

A quick update!

     No one cares. Nope, no one. Deal with it. If you are going somewhere, it doesn't matter for how long, don't expect anyone to care. They will watch a Turkish series on TV rather than talking to you. They just DON'T CARE! The sooner you deal with the fact, less pain you will feel. And every time I think I will get used to it, but I don't think I ever will. On the bright side!


     In just an hour I will be on the bus No3, waiting for it to start the engines and take me and my friends to the city of music, great food and amazing shopping. I am very excited, and since I should really go, like in a few minutes, I just want you all to know I didn't forget about my blog, I am preparing a few very interesting posts and I will write thoroughly about Vienna next week, so get ready for a lot of reading. 

     Have fun while I am in Austria eating Sachertorte ^^

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