07 November, 2011

Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna - DONE!!!

     Vienna is beautiful, and I will extensively write about how beautiful it is in my next few posts. But the most amazing thing about Vienna is something I will try to explain now. You can never actually explain the feeling, because it is one of those things you have to live (like most of the things from my list), but I believe my writing skills are good enough to serve the feeling justice.
     I will start of by telling you that Vienna has an amazing cultural heritage, and that everything we see as culture has some roots in Vienna. Music, Theatre, Arts, Food... You name it, you will find it there. And you will love it! I was impressed and frankly, a bit ashamed by the fact I didn't know that there is so much to see there. And not just see, but feel and acknowledge. It will all be explained more in my next post, but it is important for me that all of you who read this understand that Vienna has a wealthy heritage in all aspects of culture that is defined by arts. The Habsburg Monarchy and most of it's members were all artist. They sang, played, painted, spoke many languages! They did a lot for the upbringing of culture in Vienna and I am very grateful! Why am I grateful! because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be able to attend a concert were amazing music was performed. 
    Frankly, I know it wasn't a really full experience, because it wasn't as good as it can be, it was just made for tourists to get a part of Vienna's soul for a low price, and I am not sure I will ever be able to afford attending something that has the highest value in terms of quality and experience but this was satisfactory, I enjoyed, had fun, and I can check another thing off my list!
     The concert took place at the Wiener Börsensale, at 8.30PM, Saturday, November 5th. The orchestra wasn't big. I think a flute, 4 violins, a cello, a contrabass and a piano. The solo performers were Rita Scheider, mezzo-soprano, and she was amazing!!! I don't remember the names of others, but there was a baritone and two ballet dancers.  cute tiny blond, and a guy with a pretty nice behind :P (I could see it because I was in the first row ^^)
    I would tell you the names of everything they played and sang, but i don't know the names... I was a slacker at school when we learning those pieces. I do know that they played Mozzart and Strauss. And that out of everything they played, I heard most of them before. In cartoons mostly, but hey, I never said I listen to classics in my free time...
     We had a break for the performers to rest, and we had champagne. It wasn't very good, but it made the experience much better.
     I enjoyed the music, I had a smile on my face all the time and never, for a second I though this was boring, I will fall asleep, I shouldn't have come. I was thinking about how good they sound, and that it is a pity I never played an instrument... And that my kids must play something. maybe the piano, because the sound of piano is the best. Then I thought about how amazing it was that people invented instruments, and that all that amazing sound came from wires and ... stuff. 
     When the ballet dancers came out, my heart was full. They were ok, but the fact that I have evertything at one place was amazing! Rita was sooo good! I was amazed! The voice that woman has! I rememeber that I wanted to sing opera when I was a kid.     
     They didn't let us take photos, but I took a few when I thought no one looked. So they are not very good, but you can see some of the atmosphere ^^ 

This is where the concert took place, I had a seat in the first row, on the right!

 The orchestra

The champagne ^^

My comrad-in-crime  

 Ballet dancers!

 Rita Scheider(in purple)

I also have a few videos, for you to hear the concert. It is a weird angle, and they are all very short, but I think you will like them :-)

5/100 <3 ^^


  1. Amazing, keep it coming please

  2. The one about Vienna will be much longer, so I'll need more time. Hopefully tomorrow ^^ I'm glad you like it!