06 January, 2012


     I am Orthodox and even though I don't consider myself very religious, I have a lot of respect for the holidays we celebrate. Christmas being one of my favourite. ^^
     Truth be told, the meaning of the holiday has been lost over the years. Now it is mostly about eating well, and relaxing. But one thing that will never change is that it is the time you spend with your loved ones. With your family!
    Today is the day before Christmas, and tonight my family and I will have dinner, and do some things that are considered a tradition where I come from. 
     We will bring the Yule log into the house. My mum will be at the door, and my dad and i will go up the stairs. I will be pretending to be a chick, and he a chicken, and my mum, as the house wife will welcome us into the house. She will throw some corn at us, we will all laugh, and after we put the yule log under the table, we will sit and have dinner. We will eat well, and then just chilax, eat nuts, and throw them in the corners of our living room.
     We will watch something on TV together, and go to bed earlier than usual, because we have to wake up early on Christmas day!

How does Christmas day look like?

    Thus far it was always the same. But this year, it will get a completely new meaning, because we have two new members of our family celebrating with us! What I know is that I will get up really early, with the sunrise. I will make myself presentable, drink wine and have a "dren". (It's called European Cornel in English, and the dry berry is taken with a sip of wine. We don't chew it, just swallow it, so I can't really tell you anything about the taste) I will eat some white cheese, and I will look at the East, where the sun rises! After performing this "ritual" I will go to my sister's to be "položajnik". I don't think there is an English word for it, so I will explain what that is. A "položajnik" is the first person who comes to visit on Christmas day. You give them gifts, money... serve them something to drink, eat. Last year I was the first to go to my sister's, but this year her nephew (from her husband's side) might come before me, because last year I kinda took his turn. We kids (yes, sometimes I act like a kid =P ) do that a lot. We fight who will go where. I mean, they give us gift and sometimes money! And yes, I am a grown up, but doesn't mean I don't like gifts...
      Anyways, when I get to my sister's REALLY early,. we will go back to my place, so Nadja and Nemanja can get their gifts ^^

     After that, we will have lunch, but it will be slightly different than it used to be... Because... well, we have babies now. It has to be more fun!

    I will let you know how it went, and post some pictures. ^^

     May you all have wonderful time this weekend, whether you celebrate Christmas like I do or not. Enjoy life and spend time with family. <3


  1. Awesome lady! I miss all the traditions I used to have as a kid. It all seemed to fade a bit once my grandparents passed. I love that you still all do this! Have a very Merry Christmas lady and cheers to a happy, fruitful, QUIET! yet prosperous New Year.

  2. Merry Christmas, darling!
    I never tried the whole - chick and corn - thing, though I feel like I have been deprived.
    Great post, makes me wonder. :D