19 January, 2012

Ride a Horse!

     It wasn't planned, and it wasn't at all as I wanted it to be. But I did it, and I can happily announce I am checking another thing off my list!
     It was a very interesting experience. I never knew it will be that hard! I have no idea what would I do if somehow I woke up in another time, where riding a horse was the best mean of transportation! I do not ever want to ride a horse again! Or at least not anytime soon!!! Why? 


     Wanna know the details... Here they go! 

     I was on Zlatibor and I was walking with my family... And we see horses! And, of course, my sister insists we ride them... We ask how much, and my mum says, come on, go... I will pay. And so I go. I stand next to my horse, and just than notice how tall she is! In the picture below, she looks rather tiny, but that is only because I am 6 feet!!! And the man says he will guide her, I need not worry. And I am all ok, cool! I will do it, it will be fun! Yay, another thing of my list!!! I put my foot in that thing you put your foot in when you want to climb up. And i start climbing, with my leg in the air, above the horse. And my body goes all the way up... With my upper body to the other side, with me almost falling off the horse! Yes... Almost with my face to the ground! -.-
While I was trying to not fall down, my hat went down so i couldn't see, and as everyone would do in that situation, i cried out! Not for too long, because the man held me, and helped me get in the seat properly. I was now sitting and getting ready for him to guide the horse... Luckily, the nightmare ends there, and the rest of the experience was quite nice, after I relaxed and the feeling I will fall down went away. It was a short ride, with that man holding the rope of the horse all the time, and me praying I will be able to get down safely. I did enjoy it a bit, it was not bad at all... But I wouldn't dare riding her alone. Not her or any other horse! I climbed down easily, and said goodbye to her. Her name is Cassandra, and she is beautiful!!! A really mild horse.. 
Me on Cassandra


     I am lucky to live in a time where we drive cars... I am an amazing driver... And I won't bother thinking what would happen if I were to wake up in another time.

6/100 WooHoo


  1. The only time I have rode a horse was a pony at a carnival when I was 4 years old. I hope to go horse riding sometime, although I would probably be afraid as well! :)

  2. Such a Nancy hahahaha. I rode a horse once myself and it was terrifying to! I was about 10 - 11 years old and we had gone out with my aunt. There was a bunch of us so the horse owner had to pull out some extra horses to accommodate everyone. I got the last horse. His name was Red and the owner said he was a "little feisty" and laughed. So, I laughed. Yayyy, fun little horse ride. Okay. This was early Summer and we were taken out to a square shaped field that they used as a warm up area. A place to get used to the horse before they took you out on the trail. Well, at the middle of each side of the squared field there was a wide wet strip of mud that we were instructed to guide the horses around. "Great! I got this! No problem!" I take the horse around a few times, I'm getting very comfortable and just enjoying riding, right? Well, comfortable lead to bein a little bored and thinking I could push things a little hehehe. I round one of the corners and start putting my heels into this horse's sides. I'm trying to get some of this "feisty-ness" out of this horse!. He's not havin it. Still just moseyin around. I'm gettin a lil aggravated now! So, around the next corner we come and I give him the heels, pull on the reins a bit and the horse picks up some speed. "Alright! Now this is gettin fun!". The horse slows down when we get to the mud hole, goes around it and picks up speed again! "SWEEET! ALRIGHT!!" So I start to give the horse my heels again and he picks up more. Prolly no more than a trot I bet but I was LOVIN IT! So, I'm kickin the horse and we're movin pretty quick and we get near the mud hole. I am waitng for himm to slow down again and go around, right? The bloody thing RUNS AND JUMPS over the mud pit! I nearly FLY from the horse and just barely catch the pommel of the saddle, my one foot comes out of the stirrup, and I am riding on the SIDE of the horse for like 30 feet before the horse stops and I pull myself back into the saddle hahahahaha. One of the stable hands came out then and took me back to the barn hahahaa. SOO! much fun!

  3. Hahaha, oh honey, you just had bad luck! I rode a horse there, as well! It went perfectly well, but, I am kind of tiny, so I guess falling off would be a challenge. xD

    Great post, glad u had fun! :**