27 February, 2012

Make Time for Yourself!

     Some people are just not born to live in solitude. It pains them, makes them think about things they shouldn't. They get bored, and that is when those people get stupid ideas and do things they shouldn't. 

     I am that kind of people!

     I've spent some time alone in the past few months. You should understand that by this alone time I don't mean the time I spend on the Internet, talking to people. Or the time I spend watching series, movies etc. I mean quality time, spent alone. When you reach out to the core of you, and you learn something about yourself. The time you spend thinking about what was it that you did wrong, what is it that you should change, how is it that you see yourself in the future. Just to figure out what is it that you want in life. I can honestly say that I am so much closer to that revelation then I was just a few months ago. I actually know so much more now. More about myself, more about what is it that makes me happy.

     The revelation in its almost physical form came just a few days ago when I went downtown to meet up with friends, and I had time to spare. I walked by myself, enjoyed that solitude I never cherished before, and just after the building of the Faculty of Philology, I saw a small gallery, and thought to myself, what the hell, I have time. So I went in... The exhibit was nothing special. Interesting, yes, but not goose bumping. But I enjoyed. I hardly ever have time or will to go to galleries. 90% of all the exhibits I saw in my life were obligatory (school, now university), and I never really enjoyed time spend there. But now it was different. I am not saying I will start going to every exhibit there is, but I think I will cherish those moments more. I know I will go see that Picasso exhibit that I saw the poster for. And I know I will enjoy it! Because I have discovered why is it that Art is so important. It is the feeling and emotion that seeing a work of Art gives us. It makes me wonder! And it makes me happy! And I discovered it by being alone and letting myself absorb my surroundings!

     I am no longer scared of that feeling of solitude. Of course, I wouldn't change my rich social life for anything in this world, but being alone sometimes is healthy for me. For everyone. Enjoy it, grab it, because it is only when you are alone that you can feel everything. It doesn't matter what you are feeling. What matters is that feeling is all yours, and it helps if you want to comprehend yourself.

    Oh, and I will add some pictures of the exibit. They are interesting, and ... curvy ^^



  1. Have been thinking on the same things lately. Love this post, and glad you got that time to spend with yourself! Also, I'm an exhibit freak... but that's just me :p

  2. You don't look like an exibit freak... Boy can looks fool a person! Anyways, I am glad you understand what I was trying to say...

  3. Awesoooome!

    I looove art, hence my obsession with culture and free tickets. If I get any, I am taking you with me. Great post!