14 March, 2012

Get ready for here comes my month as a vegan!

     Starting today I am a vegan for a month! Yes, you read it right. I will not be eating ANYTHING that comes from an animal! It will be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life when controlling myself is concerned, and I will be needing all the help you reading this are willing to offer.

     Since Easter is on the 15th of April, I have decided to start this now, because I want to combine it with fasting. It is actually the same thing, except I can eat fish when I fast but I won't be doing that now.

     I would like all of you to realize why this is a very hard thing for me. Those who know me personally, know that I am a hedonist. I enjoy food very much, and that is easily seen on me. I'm a big girl... =P Last year I spent three months on a diet that changed the way I look, and it was very hard for me. The only thing making it easier was that I could eat chicken and some fish, so I survived. I lost some weight, I felt great, I looked good bla bla bla... But this time there will be no meat. Not anything that comes from an animal! I will eat fruits, vegetables, soy, and that is about it... I will do my best to completely concentrate on my good spirit, on why this is so important to me and not on the cravings I get when I think of all the delicious food I love and I will not eat in the next month.

     I also want all of you to know that I am not doing this to lose weight. It might help me in that area, but this is entirely with a different purpose. 

I am doing this because I want to test myself and prove to myself that I am the one who controls my body, not the other way round. 
I am doing this because it is on my list, and it is something that every person should try if they think it would do them good.
I am doing this because it will do me good, and it will, hopefully, change my perception on many things that have been difficult for me to comprehend until know.
I am doing this because I want to prove something to MYSELF, not someone else.

     If any of you out there who might be reading this think I am crazy, stupid... well that is your problem. But if there is anyone who is willing to help me in any way, with good spirits, recipes, or just advice, I am really happy to read it in the comments.



  1. Mozda ti se pridruzim,ali samo na jednu nedelju ;)

  2. maybe you can post a "before" and "after" (photo)result!
    Good luck!

  3. I won't mind company Majo!

    I won't post photos, because I am not doing this to lose weight. Though it will be most welcome if it comes as a side-effect! =)

  4. So excited about this! I love your reasons for doing it. Also, Miso soup was my favorite when I was doing the Vegan thing.

  5. Good luck! Not sure if I would be able to do it! I'm weak :-/ lol