22 March, 2012

One Month as a Vegan Update - Week One!

     I am posting this update just for everyone to see I did not give up. I am doing well, and feeling great. It has been only a week, and apart from eating too much bread, I have no complaint what so ever! I did notice I have some problems around mid afternoon, 4-6PM, when the hunger strikes, but I make myself snap out of it, or just eat something nice.
     I tried tofu, I tried a lot of smoothies with soy milk, I ate a lot of fruit, and pastry (BIG no no), and even beans one day! I must say I am thrilled that I am doing this good, and that it doesn't seem hard at all.
     I do know it will be horrible this week, because I will feel the meat craving some time around the weekend, but I will just remember how important this is, and snap out of it :D

     I also need to add that I have been very active this week(compared to the "activeness" I used to "have") I walked a lot, I had an aqua gym class, I even went out and danced a lot. It was a very good week! =)

     I will now post a photo of what I ate/drank for breakfast one day, and the recipe! It was nomnom, and you should try it!

For 3 glasses(my sister drinks it all with me - don't ask!):

2 small bananas
200 grams of red fruit mix
300ml soy milk

Mix it all up, and enjoy. Know that you can combine every fruit possible, and even add chocolate milk, regular milk, whipped cream etc. I don't right now, but normally I mix it all up all the time =)