19 April, 2012

One Month as a Vegan - DONE

     It has been done, and it felt great!

     I haven't eaten anything that comes from an animal for a month, and I must admit that though it was hard at times, I was pretty happy about the outcome. I don't look any different, but I feel cleaner. Like I was on a cleanse!

     The second week was the hardest, but after that I think I could have gone on for ages! I almost forgot the taste of meat! I remember it now, and even though it is not really nice to say it considering I was a vegan for a short while, it is divine...

     I really have no idea what else to say about this, except that i suggest everyone to try it, because it will open your eyes, and you will see that there are other choices rather than always eating meat. I guarantee I will make wiser choices when what I eat is concerned, and I am really proud of myself! :-)


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