01 April, 2012

One Month as a Vegan Update - Weeks Two and Three!

     Well, hello you all :-) I am late with my Week Two Update, and now I will be a bit early with my Week Three =), and that is all due to me not really feeling like talking about it. But if there is anyone who wants to know how are things going, I owe it to them, so here it is.

     Things have been hectic, and I must admit that as I foretold, Week Two was VERY hard. As always, my state of mind became reluctant, and all the smells of all the food that has been eaten in my house by my family has almost taken over. But the key word is ALMOST! I didn't give in. I fought like a tiger to keep myself from smelling all that food, and I succeeded by not being home most of the times. I admit that eating pastry was something I did on a daily basis, and there is no excuse. I was bad, and I will have to deal with the consequences with my belly looking gross. But I did walk A LOT! I got off the bus few stops earlier every day I went to Uni, and it felt good. A friend asked me how I felt the other day, and when I thought about it, I told him then, and I will tell you all now:

     I feel great! Like I am cleaner on the inside. 

     It is quite amazing actually. I don't remember when i felt this good in a long time. I still get tired when i walk up the stairs, but I feel healthier, and I am very happy because of that! The only concern I have is that I am not taking enough protein, and I have 13 more days to work more on that!

    Now, for the interesting stuff!

    Smoked tofu is not as nice as the regular one, and veggie hot dogs are .. weird, but eatable. Soy burgers actually taste nice, and I was really pleased by that discovery. I am very pleased to inform you that there are lots of coffees that can be made with soy milk, and I recommend them wholeheartedly! What I strongly discourage you to try is soy yogurt! That... thing... for there is no other way in calling it, is hideous! I am not kidding people! I had two sips. First to try, second to assure myself I wasn't making it up. The thing is gross, and don't ever try it! And if you ever do, please let me know so I can tell you "I told you so!"!!!

     Last night I was at my friend's birthday, and it was a themed party, with the theme being Red Carpet. We all had to dress up, and it was pretty fun. But what wasn't fun was her boyfriend offering me to eat what all of them were eating, which I know tastes nice, but it is not something I was willing to try. My friend's mum made me a fruit salad though, and it was great until someone (I ill not say who, they will recognize themselves, and honestly, I have no idea what was that all about) sipped something in it. I think it was whiskey, or vermouth... Anyways, I had some, and when I came back to have a few more bites, it was filled with alcohol, so I ended up eating just a little bit. It was nice though, and I was happy to be able to have something for myself. It made me feel special =)

     You can see a picture of the fruit salad below. Also, if any of you has some recipes, please let me know, cause I am running out of ideas!!!

Fruit salad with lots of different fruit and honey


  1. I'm not sure if this is a vegan or vegetarian meal, but minced soy with spaghetti tastes really good. Oh and you could try drinking almond milk.

  2. It is vegan, I checked. I always look at what it is made of, and it never has anything that comes from an animal! :-)

    I am not sure whether I can find almond milk here, but thanks for the tip. :-) I will try finding it though.

    I have 5 more days, and I am done, but I must say I feel great, and I am very happy I am making it through!!!