01 June, 2012

Yes, it is possible I am a nutcase. That doesn't make you better than me.

     I am sorry it took me so long to write a new post, but there is a simple explanation. I didn't feel like writing :-)
     It has been a few really crazy months. Crazy in the sense that I had such mood swings one would think I went through a hormonal dis-balance or what ever it is called. I didn't though - I checked! It was all due to me forgetting what I am all about. But now I have remembered I will not let it be forgotten ever again.
     So, before I continue with all the things I want to talk about in this blog, I want to say one thing:

     I am sick and fed up of people telling me what I can and what I can't do. I am tired of narrow-minded people who think they know best and will not let be explained why they are wrong. And most of all, I am sick of people thinking I am crazy and stupid or just plain irresponsible for believing the things I do.

     To all those people I say the following:

     Think I am stupid, and actress or a nutcase. I might be all of those things, but I will make it. And you will all be proven wrong.

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