14 July, 2012

How to make the most delicious raspberry cake on earth??!!

     I am known for loving eating and making this cake. It is so easy and quick to make, and it a wonderful summer treat. I do avoid making it, cause I am trying to have a healthy diet, and get my body into shape, but sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. I would recommend everyone this kind of break, because it is cheap, delicious and refreshing!!!

     What you need for this amazing cake are the following ingredients:
One and a half can of sour cream(I used the one with 20% of milk fat)

a kilo of raspberries

About 20 spoons of sugar

3 double packs, or 6 normal pack of Piskote biscuit. Now, I am not sure how are they called in English, but they are these biscuits made out of sugar, eggs and flour, and they have sugar spread all over the top...
     All of these ingredients are for the HUGE cake I made. I do have about 25 people coming to this party I am making, so I need a huge cake, but you can make it much smaller, or even bigger. The pictures and an explanation of how you make the cake follows:

Step 1:

Wash well the raspberries, and leave them to dry out a bit.

Step 2:

Spread the biscuits on a plate you previously prepared for the cake. 

Step 3:

Mix a all of the sour cream with all of the sugar you prepared. Now, make sure to use a regular spoon, and just mix it all up so it is homogeneous, but not too much. We need the sugar not to melt straight away. It should melt after the cake is done, making the biscuit soft and yummy!

Step 4:

Pour 2/5 of the prepared sweet sour cream and spread it all over the biscuit. 

Step 5:

By now, the raspberries should be much watery, so you can use them. Spread them all over the biscuit covered with sweet sour cream. After this step, you should have you cake looking like this:

Step 6:

Do the step 2 again, but spread the biscuit over the raspberries, like this:

Step 7:

The same as step 4, again using again the 2/5 of the sweet sour cream. It should look like this:

Step 8(optional):

Use the remaining sour cream, and spread it a bit over the top of the cake. It should look somewhat like this:

Now, the 8th step is optional, because you can just go to step nine, and finish the whole thing. I did the 8th step because I am making the cake about 24h hours before serving, and I wanted the biscuit to get really soft. I didn't put the whipped cream(step 9) right away, because I think it gets all gross if it stays on the cake for too long, so no need to put if you have time a few hours before the serving.

Step 9:

Cover the cake with whipped cream, cool it for a few hours, and enjoy the delicious dessert!

It looked like this after everyone had a piece... Sorry for not having better pictures, I didn't have time with all the party planning :-)

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